"LinXis’ linker-payload manufacturing technology published in Green Chemistry"

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About LinXis

We are a Dutch biotechnology company on a mission to provide better and safer treatments for patients suffering from life-threatening disease.

Our proprietary platform technology enables us to construct smart medicines, by attaching extremely effective drugs to extremely specific carriers. These smart medicines are known as antibody-drug conjugates. They are designed to carry the drugs to the disease with military precision, and without collateral damage. The ultimate goal of antibody-drug conjugates is to cure disease without side effects.

We are not the first to create antibody-drug conjugates. But our technology is markedly different from any other technology in the field, because we use platinum to attach the drugs to the antibodies. This approach results in antibody-drug conjugates that are remarkably effective and safe. Moreover, the simplicity of this approach will enable us to produce these high-tech medicines at a considerably lower cost.