"LinXis’ linker-payload manufacturing technology published in Green Chemistry"

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How we work

LinXis follows a lean mode of operation.

We do not own expensive development- and production facilities. To enable and empower our research and development activities, we rent workspace at two state-of-the art facilities in the Netherlands. Products for clinical use are manufactured by an international selection of expert manufacturing companies. The management team holds limited office space close to the Amsterdam Business district.

Amsterdam University Medical Center

The majority of LinXis staff are stationed with the department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine of the Amsterdam University Medical Center (VUmc location). Led by Professor Guus van Dongen, the center excels in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer using antibodies.

In Amsterdam, the LinXis team has access to state-of-the-art facilities that enable their full spectrum of activities - from design and synthesis of the building blocks of our products to real-time, in-life imaging.

In 2019, the Amsterdam-based team will move with the department to the newly built Amsterdam Imaging Center

Utrecht University

A small LinXis workforce is stationed at the Department of Cell Biology of Utrecht University. Led by dr. Paul van Bergen en Henegouwen, this department excels in intracellular drug delivery.

In Utrecht, the LinXis team has access to state-of-the-art facilities and expertise that are crucial to the advancement of our liver product pipeline.