Investor Relations

LinXis BV is a young biotech company addressing diseases that are currently undertreated. Our portfolio is built on the proprietary Lx® linker-based platform, combined with antibodies and a portfolio of payloads. We create and develop Lx®-drug semifinal products for easy antibody coupling and complete ADCs that kill or modify target cells in order to treat disease.

LinXis is currently financed by a consortium of private investors. Over a short period of time, LinXis has secured further investments through private funding, innovation credits and a Dutch MIT R&D collaboration project.

LinXis strives to attract new investors/shareholders in order to accelerate the development of their promising targeted drugs to the clinic.

Current subsidies/credits

  • RvO Innovation Credit 14102. The Lx Toolbox. A technology platform for the customized production of Lx based antibody-drug conjugates.
  • MKB Innovation Topsector (MIT) project. Effective tumor treatment with sustained quality of life. An innovative ’magic bullet’: from design to clinic.
  • RvO Innovation Credit 17055 (2017). DeLiver. Towards a Targeted Medicinal Treatment of Portal Hypertension.
  • EuroStars project ESTAR18219 (2018). DeFiber. Development of Novel Targeted Drugs for Treatment of Liver Fibrosis.

Investor Relations Contact:
Paul Steverink
Investor Relations & Communications