"LinXis’ linker-payload manufacturing technology published in Green Chemistry"

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To date, LinXis has been funded by management and a small group of private investors.

In addition, we have received a number of governmental grants and innovation credits in support of platform development and our cancer- and liver pipelines.

Awarded projects

  • RvO Innovation Credit 14102. “The Lx Toolbox. A technology platform for the customized production of Lx based antibody-drug conjugates”. Completed.
  • MKB Innovation Topsector (MIT) project. “Effective tumor treatment with sustained quality of life. An innovative ’magic bullet’: from design to clinic”. Completed.
  • RvO Innovation Credit 17055. “DeLiver: Towards a Targeted Medicinal Treatment of Portal Hypertension”. Awarded 2017, ongoing.
  • 2018: Eurostars E!12350. “DeFiber: Targeted therapy of liver fibrosis”. Awarded 2018, ongoing.

LinXis is always searching for possibilities that could support the company and the product pipeline. For any inquiries regarding investments please contact LinXis Investor Relations at ir@linxispharmaceuticals.com