Partnering with Biopharmaceutical Companies

LinXis offers Lx®-payload semifinal products, cGMP produced, for conjugation to your mAb of choice, resulting in a stable and safe Lx®-ADC:

  • Without the need to modify your mAb (no tag introduction or mild reduction)
  • Start a LinXis PoC study to establish chemical and in vitro Lx®-ADC parameters
  • With either a LinXis payload or a payload of your choice
  • With a Lx®-ADC target affinity comparable to that of your mAb
  • With a conjugation result that is reproducible and has a narrow DAR range, due to the conjugation to histidines in the mAb’s Fc region

For other advantages, see the technology section.
If you are interested and want to discuss a PoC study, please contact HendrikJan Houthoff.