"LinXis’ linker-payload manufacturing technology published in Green Chemistry"

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Platform Technology

Our platinum-based Lx® linker offers a new paradigm for the manufacturing of targeted drug conjugates.

Like a molecular super-glue, our proprietary Lx® Linker generates an extremely strong bond between drugs and targeting moieties, such as nanobodies or antibodies.

Taking its strength from a platinum core, the Lx® Linker confers unprecedented stability to the conjugates, which translates into a favorable safety and efficacy profile - much more favorable than competing products, which are known to lose their drugs before reaching the target cells. At the same time, the natural binding ability of platinum makes for an extremely simple, efficient, and cost-effective manufacturing process.

Lx® technology offers a unique opportunity to generate effective, safe and affordable targeted medicines.

Building a targeted drug conjugate with Lx® is a straightforward, two-step process. First, one end of the Linker couples to the drug. Then, the other end couples to the targeting moiety, which can be a nanobody, a nanobody-like construct, or an antibody. Lx technology allows sol-called stochastic conjugation, as well as site-specific conjugation. In either case, we can precisely control the number of drugs that are conjugated to each antibody or nanobody.