"LinXis is proud to welcome Professor Dario Neri to its Advisory Board"


Breast cancer hits millions of women worldwide every year.

In many of these cases, the cancer cells express a particular trait called Her2. This molecule plays a role in growth of the cancer. More importantly however, the Her2 molecule represents an excellent target for therapy. Smart medicines targeted against the Her2 molecule hold great promise for treating breast cancer, particularly in cases that resist surgery and are hard to treat.

We have designed and developed an antibody-drug conjugate that targets the Her2 molecules present on cancer cells. It consists of the Her2 targeting antibody trastuzumab and is equipped with the super-potent drug Auristatin F by means of our Lx® Linker. We termed this product LxC-001, and in several laboratory studies, we showed that it was markedly more effective than current treatments, and well tolerated at the same time.

LxC-001 comprises the Her2-targeting antibody trastuzumab and the super-potent drug Auristatin F, which are coupled by means of the Lx® Linker. The trastuzumab carrier moiety ensures selective delivery to Her2-expressing cancer cells, where Auristatin F is released to exert its cytotoxic effect.