"LinXis is proud to welcome Professor Dario Neri to its Advisory Board"


Our platinum-based Lx® linker offers a new paradigm for the manufacturing of antibody-drug conjugates.

Like a molecular super-glue, our proprietary Lx® Linker generates an extremely strong bond between drugs and antibody. The Linker takes this strength from its platinum core. The natural ability of platinum to bind to drugs and antibodies makes for an extremely simple, efficient, and cost-effective manufacturing process.

In addition to this manufacturing advantage, the Lx® Linker confers distinct biological properties to the antibody-drug conjugates, translating into a favorable safety and efficacy profile.

Building an antibody-drug conjugate with Lx® is a straightforward, two-step process. First, one end of the Linker couples to the drug. Then, the other end couples to the antibody. This coupling is driven entirely by the Linker's platinum core, and requires no pre-treatment of the antibody. The process intermediates are stable, meaning that the steps can be performed at different places and at different times. Compared to other manufacturing technologies, these advantages are significant.